Evaluation Rubrics

Remember the general objectives of this cycle:




To introduce Vivadi’s routine to help the students distinguish the English class from the other classes.

To generate curiosity for the content in the students to help them start developing a relationship between them and the language.

Begin to build trust in the child regarding the use of the language.


Use this rubric to make a general observation of your group and evaluate their progress in relation to the objectives of the cycle.

This rubric will let you know if the group is ready to start with the next cycle! Whenever you feel your students are ready, fill in this rubric and we will give you our point of view according to our criteria of evaluation.


This rubric will allow you to make a closer observation student by student.

You can use this rubric anytime you want to see how each of your students is evolving, individually, in relation to the objectives of this cycle.

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