Palm Tree

Hello teacher!

These are the evidences that you should take into account when evaluating if your students have achieved the objectives proposed for this cycle. They will help you make a detailed observation of your students as a group and complete the rubric to determine if they are ready for the next cycle.

First objective: Understand Vivadí's class routine and distinguish the English class from the other classes



  • Students show interest in listening to the starting song.

  • Students easily gather together in a circle for the storytelling moment. 

  • Students show enthusiasm to start harmony time

  • Students can foresee the activities that will follow without the need of an explanation from the teacher. 


Second objective: Develop a curiosity for the content and start building a relationship with the language



  • Students seem to be caught by the starting song. 

  • Students are curious to watch the videos. 

  • Students are willing to understand the content of the story in the storytelling moment.

  • Students respond with enthusiasm to the move your hips directions. 


Third objective: Begin to recognize the class as a safe environment for experimenting with the new language


  • Students sing the starting song out loud even if they don’t pronounce the words fine. 

  • Students are able to repeat the words that the teacher speaks correctly. 

  • Students can predict the phrases used in stories that are told in English.