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Report vs. Check:




The objectives of this nano-course are: 

  • Understand the importance and effectiveness of repetition of work routines as a strategy to achieve language acquisition.

  • Understand how the model of frequency is different from traditional school methods.

  • Understand how the model of frequency works in the Vivadi Program, how and why was it thought and what will your role be as a teacher.

We suggest you re-visit these objectives when you complete the course!

Before we begin...

We are going to ask you to answer this question... without knowing much about what we are going to deal with in this nano-course. Any answer is valid!

Frequency - Harmony
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To continue diving into the topic that brings us together, we suggest you first listen the following podcast.

Frequency - Podcast
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Frequency generates a constant and fluid rhythm that contrasts with the spasmodic rhythm of traditional schooling which is determined by their unevenly distributed workload.

So what will your role as a teacher consist on?

  • Generating an atmosphere that transmits confidence to the students so that they can develop new abilities regarding communication in English.

  • Giving security to the students with the repetition of the routine: be clear at the beginning, development and end of each class.

  • Generating enthusiasm and curiosity for the content by presenting it in a special way.

The next video will help you understand why this course is called "repeat versus check."


Checking refers to the evaluation of the traditional school, which aims to certify the students’ knowledge at a given time, generating a stressful situation in the process of acquiring a skill instead of generating confidence from achieved goals.

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Start from scratch

What do we mean by frequency?

Why do we choose frequency as a pillar of our pedagogical structure?


We believe that the school fails because it has a mistaken didactic approach to teaching English. Language is treated like other regular subjects, for example, geography or mathematics, and in fact, it needs a totally different pedagogical treatment. Our differential focuses on our innovative pedagogical approach. And this innovative approach is based on the idea of ​​frequency instead of the idea of workload.

We agree with the schools that the workload that English occupies in the curriculum is too small to be able to provide real learning that allows the communicative use of the English language. In addition, we believe that immersion in the language is the best way to acquire it as a communicative tool. On the other hand, we know that families in Brazil are struggling so that their children can learn the language, either by sending them to institutes outside school hours, learning to somehow teach them or exposing English content in the home environment.

In this way, we think that this effort that families are making today is a potential for the program that we can not afford to lose. According to the idea of ​​immersion, we will ask parents to expose their children to English content at least once a day. We believe that it is a matter of frequency rather than a matter of workload. The acquisition of English with a minimum workload represents a spasmodic teaching system in contrast with the intensity that immersion can provide. And we have already realized that this is not the way to acquire the language.

Therefore we propose a system of intense and constant frequency (a little every day) because we have the conditions to achieve this goal.


Mindfulness exercise:



Concept Videos

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Call to action

Into the wild

Encourage yourself to get in touch with some English every day. You can choose to watch a movie in English, or listen to a playlist of songs, read an article or a magazine, listen to a podcast, etc.

It’s important that you do it every day for a whole week! To remember, you can set an alarm on your phone, put a sticky note somewhere you will always see it, or you can set the Vivadí wallpaper on your phone.



A look in the mirror

You, and only you, can really grasp the understanding of this nano-course's main concepts. We invite you to complete this self evaluation and see it for yourself.