Walnut Tree

Hello teacher!

These are the evidences that you should take into account when evaluating if your students have achieved the objectives proposed for this cycle. They will help you make a detailed observation of your students as a group and complete the rubric to determine if they are ready for the next cycle.

First objective: Begin to show understanding and refer to words and concepts in English.



  • Students understand the words used in the activities and games.

  • Students use different strategies to infer the meaning of unknown words.

  • Students begin to notice links between information in one medium (experience, picture, song, video) to another (oral story).

  • Students respond with relevant gestures, actions, comments, and questions when they view and listen to stories.


Second objective: Interact with peers as a group response to the teacher's interventions



  • Students can follow multi-step instructions in English even in the absence of visual cues.
    Students show empathy and respect when their peers make mistakes.
    Students interact all together during physical activities and playful moments of the class.


Third objective: Demonstrate trust in the relationship with the teacher and peers by experimenting with the language



  • Students are not afraid to sing chant rhymes, jingles, and speak new words in English.

  • Students share their thoughts and demonstrate learning in front of their peers.

  • Students show confidence speaking English to clarify doubts and defend viewpoints.