Mango Tree

Hello teacher!

These are the evidences that you should take into account when evaluating if your students have achieved the objectives proposed for this cycle. They will help you make a detailed observation of your students as a group and complete the rubric to determine if they are ready for the next cycle.

First objective: Consolidate bond with Vivadí’s class



  • Students recognise the starting song at the beginning of the class.

  • Students prepare themselves autonomously for the storytelling moment.

  • Students prepare themselves with naturality to start the harmony part. 

  • Students can predict activities without teachers’ explanations. 


Second objective: Recognize the value of the group as a vehicle for learning and experiencing



  • The "starting song" moment represents interaction and collaboration among students. T

  • he "move your hips" section encourage interaction and collaboration among students.

  • Students take advantage of the activities to create and pursue a common goal.


Third objective: Give meaning to the contents of the class with the help of audiovisual support



  • Students can understand what's being said in the narratives through the teacher's gestures.

  • Students take advantage of storytelling illustrations to understand the meaning of stories.

  • Students can copy the steps suggested in the "move your hips" section video.

Fourth objective: Feel confident enough to respond to the slogans collectively



  • Students demonstrate trust in the group to begin experimenting in the language.

  • Students try to answer the questions asked by the teacher during the narratives.

  • Students do the Harmony postures by observing not only the teacher but other classmates.