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Hello teacher!

These are the evidences that you should take into account when evaluating if your students have achieved the objectives proposed for this cycle. They will help you make a detailed observation of your students as a group and complete the rubric to determine if they are ready for the next cycle.

First objective: That students identify linguistic references and differences that distinguish past, present and future.



  • Students recognize that the structures described on the flashcards of the roadmap have to do with a range of activities that will be performed during the lesson.

  • Students recognize the different tenses when establishing the difference between what has been done and what has not been done

  • Students try to use tenses properly when speaking

Second objective: That students consolidate and make explicit their understanding of the class structure.



  • Students can associate the drawings that the teacher puts on the board with certain moments of the class

  • Students are proactive when the teacher prepares the class for Popcorn Time

  • Students naturally dispose themselves for the Harmony moment. 


Third objective: To generate spontaneous group responses to the class".



  • Students agree on decisions during Storytelling

  • Students collaborate with each other in the Move Your Hips

  • Students respond or react as a group when you put up the Road Map posters

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