Oak Tree

Hello teacher!

These are the evidences that you should take into account when evaluating if your students have achieved the objectives proposed for this cycle. They will help you make a detailed observation of your students as a group and complete the rubric to determine if they are ready for the next cycle.

First objective: Explore narratives from and about distant lands that share the same language



  • Students understand that there are many countries that speak English as an official language.

  • Students notice that there are differences in style depending on where the story is from.


Second objective: Learn about different cultures that also have English as an official language



  • Students can name the places they've learned about.

  • Students demonstrate knowledge of the similarities and differences these places have.


Third objective: Make significant contributions to the class atmosphere



  • Students use the target language as a contribution to the class atmosphere.

  • Students favor the atmosphere desired by the teacher to carry out the activities